Generating an API client for your language

We provide a specification of our API in the OpenAPI v3 format. You can find the current version of the spec here. We recommend openapi-generator to generate an API client for the programming language you use. As an example, here is how we generate a Python client module:
mkdir build-python
openapi-generator-cli generate -i /path/to/spec.yaml -g python -o build-python
You might have to write some custom code to retrieve an access token using your OAuth client credentials, along the lines of:
# Create an authenticated client instance.
configuration = Configuration() = URL
# Perform OAuth authentication
response, response_code, _ = openapi_client.ApiClient(configuration).call_api(
"grant_type": "client_credentials",
"client_id": CLIENT_ID,
"client_secret": CLIENT_SECRET,
response_type='dict(str, str)'
assert response_code == 200
# Re-create client with access token
client = openapi_client.ApiClient(
header_value=f'Bearer {response["access_token"]}'
return client