Task status

There are different types of tasks exposed via the contracts management API, such as issuances and burnings, which are used to perform primary emissions and removals of securities. For such tasks, a status field represents the current status of the task, which usually starts out as "processing", and transitions to either one of the final states "succeeded" or "failed". In the latter case, the error field will usually also be set, and can provide additional information. Feel free to contact us if it is unclear why a task failed, and the error message is not clear enough on the cause.
In some unlikely cases, a task might enter a final "unknown" state, which means that it is unclear whether the task succeeded or not. If you ever encounter this state, do not retry the task, or you might execute it twice as a result. Instead, the safest reaction is to contact us and let us know about the situation. Over time, we will address all of the situations that can lead to this state so that it should not occur.